Campaigns give a real boost and focus to your social media. We will work with you to plan a strategy with clear objectives and timescales. This will include graphics, images, links and hashtags tailored to your campaign.

Campaigns are designed to promote brand awareness, generate leads and increase engagement. We run the campaign for a set period of time, replying to notifications, interacting with your audience whilst providing customer service throughout.

We will provide a report at the end of the campaign to demonstrate growth and impact across your chosen platforms.

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Examples of our work

Jo has posted live from around the Annual Society and College of Podiatry Conference for 4 years on all platforms of social media. In 2017 Two Dandelions ran the twitter campaign, promoting the event. We really enjoy being creative with images, building up the excitement of the event, interacting with the speakers and attendees whilst publicising the programme.

It is myopinion that this is the most enjoyable way tokeep up to date and abreast of new development

Jo attending a days' study day to share the highlights of the events from the day.